Saturday, July 20, 2019

Deviled Egg Salad

Egg salad with all the flavors of deviled eggs!  Genius idea and super creamy and delicious. The dressing would also be fantastic on a potato salad.  The egg salad is fantastic on toasted Hawaiian rolls.

Deviled Egg Salad (adapted from Food52)
Serves 4

6 large eggs
1/4 cup + 2 T mayonnaise
1 T white vinegar
1/2 T Dijon mustard
1/2 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp kosher salt
Several grinds of black pepper
Generous pinch dried basil
Generous pinch dried marjoram
1/3 cup small-diced fennel
2 T minced chives
Hawaiian rolls, to serve
Smoked paprika, to serve

1. Hard boil the eggs -- I do 5 minutes at high pressure in the Instant Pot + 5 minutes natural release, but you can do this on the stovetop as well.
2. Cut each egg in half.  Chop the whites and place in a bowl.  Put the yolks in a small blender or food processor.  Add the mayo, vinegar, mustard, sugar, salt, pepper, basil, and marjoram.  Puree (adding a tiny bit of water if needed) for a minute or so, until very smooth.
3. Add the yolk dressing to the chopped egg whites.  Add the fennel and chives, and gently fold everything together.  If not serving immediately, place in a container and cover with plastic wrap, pressing the plastic against the egg salad so a skin does not form.  Store in the fridge up to 1-2 days.
4. To serve, cut the rolls in half and toast or broil the cut halves until lightly browned.  Top with egg salad and sprinkle with a little smoked paprika.

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