Sunday, May 18, 2008

Treats for Kids

My housemate is a middle school teacher, so we made these treats for her class. Both were really good! The Rice Krispies treats were super, super easy and the addition of mini M&Ms made them a lot of fun. It was also a great deal of fun to melt the marshmallows with butter! In fact, I was so sad to give them away to the kids that I made another batch for us, with some leftover chocolate, chopped into chunks. This way was delicious too.

The cookies come from Baking Bites, and we picked the recipe because it involves not only chocolate chips but also some Rice Krispies for crunch. I wasn't a huge fan of the Rice Krispies--once the cookies cooled, they added an interesting crunch and slightly malty flavor, but they really stuck in your teeth when the cookies were warm, which is my favorite way to eat cookies. :) The cookie recipe overall was really yummy, though. Here's the original recipe for Giant Bakery-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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